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The greatest city behind New york. Very urban and has the best food in the country ( besides New york). To the person that said Philadelphians were being mean to them, toughen up! get a back bone! Thats how people in the northeast are get over it!
by brandi March 25, 2005
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Man she was so hot, i had to go to the bathroom just to beat the rap.
by brandi February 7, 2003
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when you want that puss but there playing hard to get.
I Meet this chick in a bar, She was really playing hard to get, she was a sourpuss.
by brandi July 30, 2003
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rapper who throws the best and most outrageous parties; he's so hot jenny lopez actually went to bed with him.
heard p, puffy, puff daddy, diddy daddy whatever name he goes by right now, is hanging with that faggot ashton.
by brandi August 7, 2003
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when a white person act real black but aint tryin to
dat white gurl jamie got some chocolate in her milk
by brandi January 1, 2004
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A chavvage is the vagage of a chav.
That infant was expelled from it's mother's chavvage near the Seven Eleven last Thursday.
by brandi April 7, 2005
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is equal to 100 thousand friends on myspace.
sarah got whored and last night reached 100 K.
by brandi June 14, 2006
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