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Any person, group of people, or organization that through their speech, writings, and/or actions are implicitly attempting to control, direct, and/or subjugate a woman’s inherent rights to the control of her body, her mind, her sexuality, and medical choices made between her and her doctor. Most of these Vaginal Vampire attacks are veiled in authoritarian religious dogma and conservative political rhetoric in an attempt to steal and control the power of the Womb and/ or Woman. This is accomplished through the demonizing of birth control, abortion, Planned Parenthood, the dumbing down and/or elimination of sexual education, the defining down of the violent crime of rape, the propagation of abstinence only, and the theft of a women’s rights of equality. The tactics employed to accomplish these goals run the gamut from intimidation, fear, propaganda, terror, violence, and murder/assassination.
"Luckily we're systematically stripping women of their rights. Abortion will be illegal in no time!" - Bill
"You're a vaginal vampire. You have no say in the discussion of a woman's choice." - Don
by bort6 May 31, 2011
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A woman who has succumbed to the illicit power, money, and propaganda that emanates from a Vaginal Vampire and is willing to throw other women under the bus to gain the most meager of accolades from a VagVamp.

A VagHag will think, say, and do anything that a Vaginal Vampire requests in the name of religious idolatry or conservative dogma.
Sue had been standing in line for days. She was demeaning and pestering women who were entering the clinic for their health care needs. When asked, "Why are you acting like a VagHag?" her meek response was "My boss wants me to stop other women from using birth control or getting abortions and he even pays me for being here!"
by Bort6 October 01, 2012
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VagVamp is a colloquialism used to define or tag a Vaginal Vampire. A VagVamp is a Vaginal Vampire, but it is also a word that can be used in sensitive situations, when writing or speaking, in place of the term Vaginal Vampire. It is especially appropriate when one’s use of the word Vaginal may cause a person to find him or herself at risk.

It should be noted that when people do understand the proclivities in the worldview of a Vaginal Vampire they quickly perceive it to be a much more disgusting creature then they had even imagined. Many women say that it could possibly be the most abominate creature on the web.
Lisa, after having been banned from speaking on the floor of the Michigan House for uttering the word vagina, was now facing a legislator who was introducing an amendment in the health care bill to eliminate birth control for single women. She rose to the podium and addressed the house saying “The sponsor of this legislation has proved he cares nothing for women’s health or rights and he has again defined himself as one of the most loathsome of creatures. He has gone far beyond being repulsive, he now shows himself to be what we always knew he was, a fricking VagVamp”.
by Bort6 October 07, 2012
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A picture, usually posted on Facebook or on blogs, that contains a biting and/or profound statment of commentary.

Picentaries would be the plural of Picentary.

Pronounced Pick – n – tary
When Middle Class Mom posts a picentary on your page, you can be sure that the picture and commentary will strike right to the depths of your soul.
by Bort6 January 20, 2013
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A synonym for libertarian that more accurately describes their adherence to the bankrupt theory of objectivism propagated by the soulless and vulgar excuse for a human being, ayn rand.

libercarelessians - plural for libercarelessian
ayn rand, the true model of a libercarelessian, a vigorous supporter of self sufficiency, and a crusader against any and all government intervention in the lives of "We the People", spent the waning years of her pathetic, hypocritical, and heartless life sucking off the dole of Medicare and Social Security.
by Bort6 February 03, 2013
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A Tweentary is a Tweet with truthful, inciting, and/or biting commentary that has been changed into a picture formated Picentary (jpeg, png, etc.) and re-posted or forwarded as a Tweetentary.

Multiple and/or chained Tweets, reformatted as multiple Picentaries, are known as Tweetentaries. To be considered a Tweetentary, the original Tweet must be unaltered and complete after going through the Tweet to Picentary to Tweetentary transformation process.
Robert had no idea how to Tweet and about a month ago he asked me to create a Tweetentary of one of John Fugelsang's great Tweets he had heard about. Robert continued to ask me to format more of John’s Tweets into Tweetentaries and because John Fugelsang has so many fantastic Tweets daily, Robert has accrued a treasure trove of out of this world Tweetentaries. Robert posts the Tweetentaries on Facebook as well as e-mailing or texting them out for the benefit of his other non-Tweeting friends.
by Bort6 March 03, 2018
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