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The philosophical ideals populated by Ayn Rand that a man (or woman) is only entitled to what he has earned. It also promotes the right to life, a life free from carrying the burden of others. It deplores racism as being "the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism." It promotes the idea that life "can be kept in existence only by a process of self-sustaining action" and therefore a person cannot live a life of stagnation as a second-hander. It states that one loves another for their virtues, and not their character flaws. It promotes rational and fair thought above all else, "A man is to be judged by the judgments he pronounces." It stresses pure morality as a supreme goal even though it’s difficult. It denounces force as a means to make a man do anything. All actions require the voluntary consent of those involved. It states that the purpose of the government is to protect men from criminals, protect men from foreign invaders, and to settle disputes according to objective laws. It promotes capitalism as the best system thus far because it "entails a constant process of motion, growth and progress." It supports the idea that sex should only be shared between two people who fully accept each other. And if this is taken as seriously as it is meant to be, it is a stricter limitation than that set forth by religion as it is practically a miracle that you find some that you fully accept. Suggested reading: The Virtue of Selfishness (where the above quotes are taken from), Atlas Shrugged, and The Fountainhead (though she has written many other works).
Objectivism stresses the strength and the rights of the individual.
by fln ang 16 July 05, 2006
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An American poetic movement that emerged from the Imagist school of poetry in the 1930's. Influenced by early Modernist poets such as Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, H.D., and William Carlos Williams (who is also considered an Objectivist poet), the Objectivist poets utilized free verse, dense, concentrated language, and imagery. However, the Objectivist school of poetry rejected the Imagist's interest in Classicism and mythology, choosing to focus on ordinary objects and everyday life, a focus reflected in their use small, everyday words. They believed in treating the poem as an object presenting the poet's sincere attempt to look clearly at the world. Objectivist poems ranged in length anywhere from a few lines to, in the case of Louis Zukofky's "A," eight hundred pages.

Prominant Objectivist poets were Louis Zukofsky, George Oppen, Charles Reznikoff, and Carl Rakosi.

The Objectivist school of poetry is in no way related to the pop philosophy of Ayn Rand.
Poem Indicative of Objectivism: "Among the heaps of brick and plaster lies / a girder, still itself among the rubbish." - Charles Reznikoff
by David Magaro December 06, 2006
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Selfishness excusing itself as virtue. First propounded by cultic pop-philosopher Ayn Rand, objectivism prizes narcissistic (or "rugged") individualism, self-centered achievement, commerce, industry, and tall buildings as being of prime value over love, faithfulness, generosity, and humility. Adherents of the Ayn Rand cult, called objectivists, or randroids at the extreme, tend towards patronizing rudeness, and a near-dogmatic infatuation with their pet theories on race and the superiority of western civilization and culture.
"I find that courtesy is often the first victim of objectivism." - Nietschze
by PenangGai February 01, 2005
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A philosophy often criticized by those who have read nothing about it.
"Objectivism is so self-centered! That's mean and wrong!"
by userexec February 24, 2008
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The philosophy of Ayn Rand, who had one of the leading noses of her era; states that one's virtue is measured in their ability to be a self-obsessed egotist. Easily characterized by their slavish adherence to irony, in that the foloowers of this 'individualistic' (read-spoiled) philosophy tend to be some of the biggest tools you'll ever meet.

Also notable for it's idea that there is no disagreement among rational minds-this is basically the philosophical equivalent of an 8-year-old kid playing Cops & Robbers who totally just got shot, but all of a sudden claims he has "special bullet proof invincibility armor." Whatever, kid. For more, see douchebaggery.
Many over-achieving high-school students, in deeming that their parents are failures, turn to objectivism to feel better about themselves, but they're really just putting off the inevitable.
by Professor Afro May 10, 2006
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The philosophy founded by Ayn Rand, which essentially states that one should be rewarded in life based on merit, not on how badly one wants something. This philosophy also perpetuates the idea that one should live one's life for one's own purposes and that one should not place one's goals in other people, and that people who are motivated by a desire to spite, exalt, or out-do other people are shallow with no real ability to cognate. They are properly referred to as second-handers, because they are only able to live at another's expense, or under another's direction. They are truly sad people.
Most of the people on Urban Dictionary who give Ayn Rand and Objectivism bad reviews are suck up socialists or lazy slugs who want their life handed to them by someone else, and do not feel secure in thinking rationally because they do not have the capability of effort to do so.
by mckickass March 14, 2008
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