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VagVamp is a colloquialism used to define or tag a Vaginal Vampire. A VagVamp is a Vaginal Vampire, but it is also a word that can be used in sensitive situations, when writing or speaking, in place of the term Vaginal Vampire. It is especially appropriate when one’s use of the word Vaginal may cause a person to find him or herself at risk.

It should be noted that when people do understand the proclivities in the worldview of a Vaginal Vampire they quickly perceive it to be a much more disgusting creature then they had even imagined. Many women say that it could possibly be the most abominate creature on the web.
Lisa, after having been banned from speaking on the floor of the Michigan House for uttering the word vagina, was now facing a legislator who was introducing an amendment in the health care bill to eliminate birth control for single women. She rose to the podium and addressed the house saying “The sponsor of this legislation has proved he cares nothing for women’s health or rights and he has again defined himself as one of the most loathsome of creatures. He has gone far beyond being repulsive, he now shows himself to be what we always knew he was, a fricking VagVamp”.
by Bort6 October 07, 2012
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1. Someone who goes down on a girl during her period.
Britney was feeling extra horny during her period. Kevin said, "I don't mind, come sit on my face, you know I'm a vag vamp, I love bloody chunks".
by Captain Hank Colman March 25, 2010
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