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A Tweentary is a Tweet with truthful, inciting, and/or biting commentary that has been changed into a picture formated Picentary (jpeg, png, etc.) and re-posted or forwarded as a Tweetentary.

Multiple and/or chained Tweets, reformatted as multiple Picentaries, are known as Tweetentaries. To be considered a Tweetentary, the original Tweet must be unaltered and complete after going through the Tweet to Picentary to Tweetentary transformation process.
Robert had no idea how to Tweet and about a month ago he asked me to create a Tweetentary of one of John Fugelsang's great Tweets he had heard about. Robert continued to ask me to format more of John’s Tweets into Tweetentaries and because John Fugelsang has so many fantastic Tweets daily, Robert has accrued a treasure trove of out of this world Tweetentaries. Robert posts the Tweetentaries on Facebook as well as e-mailing or texting them out for the benefit of his other non-Tweeting friends.
by Bort6 March 03, 2018
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