A set of viewpoints and educational policies under which abstinence - abstaining from sexual activity - is the only form of sexual conduct that young people are taught. In theory, this teaches kids not to have sex, and prevents them using a more detailed curriculum as a checklist of things to do. In practice, kids who are taught abstinence only have a slightly lower rate of sexual activity, but aided by their enforced ignorance, have similar rates of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases as their more thoroughly educated peers.
In theory, abstinence only education should reduce the risk of sexual activity, but in practice, it does not. "In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice; but in practice, there's always a difference." - Y. Berra
by a2boy1der April 12, 2010
The only way to not get pregnant...100% effective
Abstinence only...Something most teens have trouble committing to ;)
by ::Sex Ed:: November 16, 2007
One of the few kinds of education that actually supports withholding knowledge. Abstinence only education is a form of Sex Ed where people are only informed about the single fact that abstinence is the only completely effective form of birth control.
Abstinence only education is like taking driver's ed and having them tell you not to drive.
by Patrick Tescher June 7, 2006