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A woman who has succumbed to the illicit power, money, and propaganda that emanates from a Vaginal Vampire and is willing to throw other women under the bus to gain the most meager of accolades from a VagVamp.

A VagHag will think, say, and do anything that a Vaginal Vampire requests in the name of religious idolatry or conservative dogma.
Sue had been standing in line for days. She was demeaning and pestering women who were entering the clinic for their health care needs. When asked, "Why are you acting like a VagHag?" her meek response was "My boss wants me to stop other women from using birth control or getting abortions and he even pays me for being here!"
by Bort6 October 01, 2012
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A lesbian (pronounced vaj hag). The term is a popular abbreviation of vagina hag.
Whereas the word Lesbian may have positive connotations (, Vag hag is most certainly derrogatory. See Andover Anchovy Afficionado
OMG she is such a vag hag, you can smell the kippers from a mile.
by Jibber June 06, 2005
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excessively used smelly vaginal quarters on a ugly female hag.
Bianca, is such a vaghag, she's getting at Carlos and already has a bf. omg!
by anoymous slayer August 28, 2008
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