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Visionary of music and life, current times and current events. Genius, Moody (yet a genuinly nice man concerned for the world), and Gimpy-Eyed. Also lead singer/songwriter of the greatest band on the planet: Radiohead.
Man I wish I could be Thom Yorke
by Bokonon June 29, 2003

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expression of exasperation or confusion, such as "what the fuck", "what the hell," etc. should be used exclusively when one hears or encounters something particularly strange, non-sensical, and random.
Ben - So now my mom is sending me to this Christian youth camp thing.

Me - Wait, what the random? Aren't you guys Jewish?
by bokonon June 05, 2005

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A phrase similar to "what the fuck" or "what the hell". Used when something especially stupid or 'retarded' has occured or been said.
Maurice - One time, back at Mountain View, Kyle wrote shit about himself on the bathroom wall, and then he signed my name under it to get me in trouble.

Me - Uh .. what the retarded? That kid's a faggot.
by bokonon June 05, 2005

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obscure term for a small glass pipe used to smoke meth

derived from shit pipe
maurice brought over a sack and his ish pipe.
by bokonon June 05, 2005

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Expression used when one strongly agrees with a friend over something. Coined by Maurbird circa 2005.
Yo I just picked up a sack from Moonie. You wanna go blaze with my new bong?

by bokonon July 05, 2005

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A made up term for a group of people that just chat on IRC.
Slagathor is very simple, so it's really easy to understand why he believes in the PoE Chat Cabal.
by Bokonon January 18, 2005

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The religion made up by bokonon

See also Bokonon, Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut
I believe in the bittersweet lies of Bokonism.
by Bokonon June 29, 2003

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