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A foolish pillock often assoiciated with vagrants, queers and muppets. Usually sports a shaved head an adidas trousers.
That chaps a fuckin' goldy!

I'd feel like a goldy if I sucked his dick.
by boing January 24, 2005
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Some guy from the Simpsons and also a cowboy in roblox. In roblox he can be seen either trolling around, bulling noobs for fun, or just raging.
Person 1: do you know Cleetus?
Person 2: yes that guy from the Simpsons
Person 1: no the cowboy guy from flamingo
Person 2: ok
by boing February 10, 2021
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The worst year ever, don't think I should explain it further
by boing March 04, 2021
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Basically a remastered version of 2020.
2 months into 2021, and it's becoming worse than 2020.
by boing March 04, 2021
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Very big plane: the only plane bigger than a 747, can fit around 853 passengers max
me: look it's an Airbus A380, biggest plane in the world
my friend: very noice
by boing February 05, 2021
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a funny 23-year old man who has over 8 million subscribers
Me: -spits- omg is that Albert / Flamingo from the flamggo youtube channel
by boing March 23, 2021
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A guy with a styrofoam head that's been through a lot of stuff. Beaten up a lot by Flamingo/Albert before his head got ripped apart
Flamingo: Felipe this is your fault! -proceeds to beat felipe until his head is completely destroyed-
by boing February 05, 2021
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