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To intentionally irritate, or annoy.
My little brother rats on me for everything. He really picks my ass
by bobistheowl October 19, 2013

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Adjective. A person whom a man deems acceptable as a partner for protected sex, but a long term relationship would be unlikely. Male equivalent of "spongeworthy", from Seinfeld. Sock refers to condom, or other prophylactic barrier. Implied meaning is that the prospective partner could possibly have a bad reputation, an STD, or barely exceeds one's minimum standards.
What do you think of Tamara, Nik?
Sockworthy, at last call, but not good enough to update my Facebook status. I'd hit, but not exclusively.
by bobistheowl December 05, 2016

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Stealing money from one's employer; embezzlement. To donate someone else' money to oneself.
I don't think I can afford to go clubbing this weekend, unless I can get away with some autophilanthropy.
by bobistheowl January 03, 2014

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(verb) To obtain a meal at a friend's home, as an uninvited guest.
I got here as fast as I could, dude, but I didn't have time to eat any lunch. Do you mind if I scruff a munch?
by bobistheowl November 19, 2013

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Every time I each at that Chinese buffet restaurant, I get liquid smoke. It must be the MSG.
by bobistheowl January 03, 2014

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Noun. Someone who socializes with people only when they're smoking weed, inviting themselves and pretending to be a friend, but only interested in getting high for free.
Here comes Larry, he can smell weed from a mile away. Don't give that POS any; he's a toke vulture.
by bobistheowl October 15, 2017

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Someone who constantly mooches from other people, even when he/she has money of their own.
Don't give that scammer a free cigarette; he's a cowbird.
by bobistheowl October 03, 2017

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