Mr. Gravitz put a propylactic on his large member before hittin it with her.
by Becksta December 27, 1999
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an odd type of scientific slang. refers to condoms.
"can i get a prophylactic? ...a prophylactic? ahhhhh *whatever*"
by tto005 March 23, 2009
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Used to prevent your cack from dropping off after banging sheisty bizzos.
I need to swing by the Walgreen's to swipe some of them prophylactics before I head over and drop the hammer on that crusty bitch Colleen's ass.
by Bill October 28, 2004
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Verb: the act of utilizing a device to prevent the spread of disease.
I prophylactized myself with a chastity belt.

I prophylactized myself with a condom.
by vixen house wife December 02, 2011
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When the use of a condom caused your penis to go limp because of their inhibiting and desensitizing nature.
Yo I was crushin this phat dime last week when all the sudden prophylactic shock set in. She told all her friends and now I can't even pay a girl to go out with me.
by Gunnat Nation December 05, 2010
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A restaurant reservation made as a backup plan when dining with friends with questionable taste.
My friend Sam made dinner plans for us tonight, but I booked a prophylactic reservation at Nopa just in case he chose Denny's.
by toddx June 20, 2012
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The reaction on a parent finding Condoms or the Pill in their teenagers room for the first time.
My Mom found a half pack of condoms when she did my washing, Man ! she went into prophylactic shock.
by Fyodor May 02, 2006
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