9 definitions by blue ship

what i call my penis on an impotent day
come on george w bush get up you lazy little man
by blue ship October 1, 2006
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the catchphrase of the league of gentlemens apocolypse character papa lazarous. a very strange creation who i myself idolise
papa say you're my wife now dave
by blue ship October 1, 2006
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how prison inmates would describe a short term sentence in prison such as one or two months
there long enough for a shit and shower and then go home
by blue ship October 5, 2006
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a south yorkshire football team of scrap metal merchants who play in a scrapyard
rotherham united nil
by blue ship September 9, 2006
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East Anglia is the second largest inbreed capital in europe with Rotherham being the undisputted leader in ths field. A field is a very common place to find many an East Anglian where they would often brave treacherous storms to indulge in the pleasures of sheep love. The sheep in East Anglia have over the past few centuries become used the local practices therefore when they hear that rustle of a kagool the creature would automatically assume position in which to offer the East Anglian complete satisfaction
East Anglia. It's a nice place to go on holiday,especially if you like sheep
by blue ship September 5, 2006
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a kagool is a waterproof top worn by hikers and sheep shaggers all over the united kingdom.
a kagool is usually bright orange.
by blue ship September 30, 2006
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to frigadoo is to use your middle two fingers on one hand and shove them up your arse,right into a steaming colon of shit.
did you frigadoo today
by blue ship October 1, 2006
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