a kagool is a waterproof top worn by hikers and sheep shaggers all over the united kingdom.
a kagool is usually bright orange.
by blue ship September 30, 2006
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A common sound heard in the popular computer game 'conflict desert storm'.If you listen closely, you can hear the iraqi soldiers shouting 'kagool!'
Bradley - "ere, Connors, open fire on those iraqi's", Random Iraqi soldier - "Kagool!!!"
by Kagook March 08, 2007
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Rain mac, Over coat, Waterproof. Any outdoor coat which is waterproof. Usually used for walking or the outdoors. Shortened to 'kag'. Hence; 'kag in a bag'.
Have you got your kagoole incase it rains.
Have you got your kag incase it rains.
by joan2000 January 17, 2009
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