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an overweight urban female who has somehow hoodwinked others into thinking that she is attractive and desirable, usually through trendy clothing and a warped "real women have curves; that skinny girl's gotta eat" attitude. the typical blimpster is usually found w/ a small-framed, timid hipster "male."
did you see that blimpster over there? she ate her wimpster boyfriend's vegan cheesesteak before he had even fetched her some napkins!

i'm not a blimpster. it's not my fault that skinny boys love me. there's just more of me to love, i guess.

typical blimpster quotes:
"oh, john? no, sorry, i only spread for skinny boys. he's too... "livin' large" for me, if you know what i mean."

"are you gonna eat that?"
by block1of4 August 21, 2005

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1) characterized by effeminate or stereotypically homosexual behavior
2) evoking qualities associated with karamo from the real world philly
yo, don't be touching my ass, karamo.

yes, karamo, that pink hoody look real good on you.

no karamo, but i think your kicks look real nice, dude.
by block1of4 December 30, 2004

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popular or notorious amongst most or all board users on makeoutclub.com (circa 2000-2001 only). etymology: coined by username StupidStupidStupid
i wish i were mocular so people would reply to my stupid threads.
by block1of4 September 22, 2003

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whatever, in engrish; waleva, as pronounced by one with an oriental accent
waleva! it's all bowship (bullshit), anyway.
by block1of4 January 07, 2004

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bullshit in "engrish"; bullshit, as pronounced by one with an oriental accent.
What you mean this cost three dollar? That's bowship! I saw this across the street for two dollar!
by block1of4 January 07, 2004

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to steal or rob, as in a mugging (used primarily by asian thugs)
yo, jay got lupped last night in flushing by some hispanic kids. let's find one and beat him up.
by block1of4 October 28, 2003

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1) very good, as in smooth like butter
2) impressive
yo, did you see that kid's kicks? thems are straight butters, yo! where you think he copped those?

after an assist in basketball: yo, nice finish. that reverse layup joint was butters!
by block1of4 December 30, 2004

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