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A term first brought about by the freestyle king Joe Budden.

1. To conceal ones gayness behind a veneer of "Gangsta-ness".

2. To appear "thug" on the outside, while at the same time being a homosexual.
Cam'ron is a perfect example of a karamo.
by The Phantom Definer January 26, 2005
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to be in Karamo from The Real WOrld.
Wow he's lookin real karamo, lets pretend we dont know him.
by tombrownsgay November 08, 2004
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1) characterized by effeminate or stereotypically homosexual behavior
2) evoking qualities associated with karamo from the real world philly
yo, don't be touching my ass, karamo.

yes, karamo, that pink hoody look real good on you.

no karamo, but i think your kicks look real nice, dude.
by block1of4 December 30, 2004
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The Real World's narrow-minded homosexual (the irony is thick, huh??) and the most annoying character in the history of reality television.
- "My daddy made me read, OK?! I read books, black books, mind you, and that turned me off to connecting with other races!!!"

-"I've been checked by cops in clubs 147 times, OK, man? It violates me! I am such a victim!! Boo-hoo-hoo!!"

-"Do you know how hard it is being black, and gay?? You guys don't know anyhting about struggle! I'm Karamo, man, and God has given everyone so much, and me so little!!"

What a loser...
by bigtones January 11, 2005
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