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To be deceived. It actually derives from the practice of placing a hood over the head of a falcon in the Middle Ages when engaged in the sport of falconry. This was done in order to trick the falcon into believing it was nighttime, thus calming the bird down so that one could recover the prey from the bird's talons.
"Egads, I've been hoodwinked!"
by ledzepp461 August 19, 2003
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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They ripped me off! I have been hoodwinked!
by Clam-hat April 29, 2003
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When a store clerk deceives one into purchasing an overly expensive item. The said price is unknown to the customer and there fore they have been tricked
That clerk at Lush hoodwinked me into buying some expensive soap.
by Matt S. Wrong June 02, 2013
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To have the whool be pulled over your eyes ! Its origin comes from real life experiences by people in the hood, everytime you blink in the hood, someones shit gets stolen.
"IVE BEEN HOOD-WINKED !! how could u lie to me !"
by Brittney Johnson August 01, 2006
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Getting tricked into unprotected sex by a man with an uncircumcised penis.
The doctor said "theres nothing wrong here he is just uncircumcised". She replied "I thought that was a strange looking condom!" The Doctor replied "Yup, you just got hoodwinked!"
by Stelow January 17, 2011
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When the man pulls out and cums into the hood of the girls jacket, and pulls it over her head.
Jeff hoodwinked his girlfriend last night.
by singlepriest128 June 23, 2011
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