To be deceived. It actually derives from the practice of placing a hood over the head of a falcon in the Middle Ages when engaged in the sport of falconry. This was done in order to trick the falcon into believing it was nighttime, thus calming the bird down so that one could recover the prey from the bird's talons.
"Egads, I've been hoodwinked!"
by ledzepp461 August 19, 2003
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They ripped me off! I have been hoodwinked!
by Clam-hat April 29, 2003
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being scammed by someone who lives in the hood.
I was hoodwinked by Nicole, she burrowed 20 bucks on the promise of paying me back on the 1st. of the month. I track her down on the 10th. of the month and she trys to pay me back with foodstamps. I was hoodwinked.
by C L 8er March 12, 2009
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A term coined from the latest billion dollar Disney motion picture "Space Buddies". A verb that means to be bamboozled, tricked, or decieved.

" just got hoodwinked! sucka."
by disney fan February 8, 2009
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A CG animated film that is seriously underrated. It is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood but in the form of a crime scene, and is known for it's pretty good sense of storytelling and humor.
I watched Hoodwinked over 100 times every month since I was a kid.
by THESAYCOMPTER3 April 3, 2021
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An extremely talented JA/JO player who lives somewhere in Canada. See Own or Gay.
1) Hoodwinker just owned me. 2) Hoodwinker is a Canadian bastard.
by Batman June 11, 2004
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"That hoodwinker ripped me off on Craigslist!"
"Those hoodwinkers sold me a broke computer"
by TurnHereFreaks September 17, 2014
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