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1. A four sided polygon characterized by right angles and sides of equal length.
2. A tobacco cigarette.
3. A place where everyone gathers consisting of shops and whatnot.
4. A boring person.
by birdman June 12, 2003

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Same as "I agree"
That was a refreshing and invigorating game of squash.

No doubt.
by birdman June 12, 2003

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"Not For British School Kids"

1. In place of a swear word
2. Describing a topic that is obscene, disgusting, or in general "not for kids"

Origin: Circa 1998
At the snopes.com message board, an obviously irate woman posted saying the other posters should watch their language, because there were British school children reading the message board. From then on, as a joke, the other snopesters started using NFBSK in place of swear words or in the subject lines of topics that might not be suitable for children (or the squeamish).
1. I moved one Jenga block and the whole NFBSKing thing fell down!
2. I'll tell you about my surgery, but I must warn you, it might get a little NFBSK.
by birdman August 04, 2004

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noun. A type of falcon belonging to the genus Falco that is distributed worldwide. It is a fierce bird of prey measuring nearly 9" inches long with an impressive wingspan of 21". This bird is widely believed to have the most ass-kicking power per gram of any bird known to man. It has been known to prey on creatures weighing many times more than its own body weight.
"Holy shit!! that kestrel just killed an ate that entire pack of wolves!! Man, kestrels are so badass."
by birdman May 08, 2004

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a holiday created by candy stores,card companyies,and flower shops to boost sales.
Valentines day is gay
by Birdman February 13, 2004

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A phone that you wear on your feet.
Once, the phone rang, but it was only my shoe
by Birdman January 14, 2005

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where gay men love to take it
He just got ripped in the bunhole
by birdman May 23, 2004

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