When Garth or Wayne (Wayne's World) pop a boner. How you feel when you see an extremely hot chick. excellent...
-number one babe, Kim Basgner...SCHWING!
-Casandra is a total babe...schwing!
-those arent wing-dings...those are SCHWING-DINGS!
by Ian March 2, 2004
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Characterized by thrusting the pelvis upward sharply after experiencing an erection or after discovering something incredibly exciting and worth such an action
"I just saw your Mom...she made me go SCHWING!!!!"

"Dude...no work?!?!? SCHWING!"
by Ally and Becca May 18, 2005
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(n) From Mike Myers: Schwing is the sound a sword makes as it is being removed from its sheath.
Wow, check <Schwing!> out all the <Schwing!> babes here <Schwing!> tonight!
by keyshaw August 17, 2004
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orignally from Waynes World.
Its used to salute fit people.

You need to watch the movie to use it to the total effect as their is actions and everything with it!
"Check out that babe!"
(in unity) "Sch-wing!"
by lucimie July 9, 2005
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1)An implication that an individual is extremely attractive, or desireable.
dude, she is totally "Schwing" material
by Tzar Trusk March 19, 2003
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See schwing!
"Schwing!, I've got a boner."
by x February 1, 2003
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The act of subtly cutting off a car that is trying to pass. Usually on a highway, you close the gap between a slow car in the right lane and your car (in the left lane) so as to not allow the faster car in the right lane to pass. You do this as many times as possible, trying to look like your not trying to do it, eventually sending the other driver into a fit of road rage.
This asshole in a BMW was in a big hurry, so I decided to schwing him for a few miles. He finally passed me using the shoulder of the highway while giving me the finger.
by HarBerNi March 4, 2010
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