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When two people are inside a snuggie and one farts and pulls it over the others head, similar to a dutch over except with a snuggie instead of a blanket.
My girlfriend and I were watching a movie last night and I gave her a snuggie stove.
by Bigtom February 15, 2010
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Irish, country term for female life partner, can be wife or girlfriend.
Be the livin Jaysus, the quaire wan has me druv demented talking about this hoorin wall she wants painted. I've a pain in me hole listening to her.
by bigtom June 19, 2003
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They try to look and act ganster, but they never really smoked crack, hijacked cars, or shot anybody.
They think they're cool, but they deserve to die
this is one of the definitions above for wanksta and if this is the what a gangsta is why the hell are all these rapping posers so proud of it when modt of them probobly grew up in the most suburban area ever. they should all be arrested
he look i hate gangsta
by bigtom May 15, 2003
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Slang term for anus (Ireland).
I will in me hole go near the fat hoor, the smell of benji off her is hoorin desperate.
by bigtom June 19, 2003
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