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According to a 2003 NCIS report

75% of the 300 most wanted men in the UK were 'white middle aged men from the south east' in other words cockney gangsters or the 'English Mafia'
by bigmeuprudeboy September 12, 2003
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Muppet- like Floor Manager and studio runner on Avid Merrion's 'Bo Selecta'who allegedly has an ear where his cock should be
Merrion accused him of brown nosing him to which Cocknose replied in his Gonzo like voice
'If I was brown nosing you Mr Merrion my cock would be up your arse'
"We're ready for you now Mr Merrion....
Ok cocknose"
by bigmeuprudeboy July 14, 2004
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the national pastime of England

In the late 1700's a frenchman wrote a book titled the 'English love of fighting' In it he describes how the English delight in 'fisticufts in the street' and how they would gather round any altercation and whip it up into a full scale brawl. He also observed that the 'English have no love of politics and could never be led to revolution'and that 'they have no religion but gambling and drinking'
Fortunatley things have changed and we can now add footballas another religion
by bigmeuprudeboy October 6, 2003
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a newspaper that, along with the Sun, sums up all that is wrong with the UK today
mainly read by lower middle class snobs who beleive every word printed in this piece of poisonous filth and therefore form their opinion of the world from it
the mail-wouldnt wipe me arse with it
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003
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The shittest cartoon series ever shown on the BBC. Was based on the '3 musketeers' by Dumas except in this all the characters were dogs or cats or fucking sheep or something which gives us the clever title. Went on and on and on and on for fucking months without ever getting anywhere.
The animation was shite and the 'dogtanian' character had a really irritating squeeky yank voice
by bigmeuprudeboy September 11, 2003
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Derogatory term used in parts of the UK to describe East Africans such as Somalis, Ethiopians,Sudanese etc
Derived from the stereotype that East Africans have slightly enlarged 'doll like' heads.
"Who was it that killed that copper up in Bradford??

A gang of Doll Heads apparently"
by bigmeuprudeboy June 5, 2009
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