7 definitions by big gunline

A prisoner which has the job of acting like a correctional officer for pay. While doing this job the cadre has to try to not get beaten up for snitching which most cadres are.
I'm about to jump that cadre.
by big gunline January 22, 2019
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a prison term for a operation area where one tattos gambles or makes candy or any other operation that isnt allowed in prison
i am tattoing in my cut area
by big gunline June 26, 2017
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a school website that has no place in a modern society as it causes procrastination, lowers grades and causes a fit of depression then suicidal thoughts
hey how is math
we have to do iready
what you gonna do to get ready

use amazon prime shipping to get my nylon paracord noose in time to hang myself
by big gunline August 23, 2018
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By far the worst antivirus ever. The Windows defender dev team spent all of its project money on making their half baked peice of shit turn back on after you disable it, damn near impossible to delete, and requiring you to use registry data to disable it instead of making it good.
I turned off windows defender but the fucker turned back on by itself and deleted every program that tried to access any file
by big gunline December 21, 2020
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this is slang for ass often in prison juny cakes means the rectum of a inmate
asking for juny cakes in prison refers to helping a inmate hide something using your rectum
can i borrow those juny cakes
by big gunline June 26, 2017
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prison term for when you can be cummed on because of the distance between a masturbating prisoner and you
dont cross the gun lines you will regret it
by big gunline August 13, 2017
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A form of prison punishment used at certain prisons like indian creek. In this punishment the housing unit or cell block sits in 2 rings around the person getting tpap, the first ring is 3 cadres and a therapist the second ring is everyone else and a guard. The first cadre talks about the prisoners positive things, the second cadre talks about the prisoners negative things aka roasting and insulting them and their family, the third cadre raps it up while everyone else just enjoyes the show.
Ay coffee man getting tpaped let's watch the roast
by big gunline January 22, 2019
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