a favorite song or single track off a album.
Hey dawg they playin my cut on da radio.
Ah thats my cut dawg, holla!
by Josh Brunner January 19, 2007
another name for house, someones crib, a home or where someone resides at.
Joey: You tryna kick it at my cut?
John: Fuck yah mang
by dahpicklez December 9, 2010
Someone who is worsening your current situation.
So now you wrecked my car? My girl already left me today and I didn't need you being a shit in my cut.
by harboringanomalies June 14, 2009
I’m going to fall back/leave situation or person alone.
I see you’re not interested. I’m going to catch my cut.
by Marnip November 6, 2021
Gettin my wood cut means getting his Dick ready to smash like shaving and cleaning the aria.
Damn bro are u smashing?”
by Knowsalot3 March 2, 2019
When your friend sleeps with your girlfriend, or when your friend successfully pulls the girl you were trying to pick up.
I went away for the weekend, and when I came back, I found out the bastard had cut my grass.
by littlevoice August 27, 2006
The legendary German fighter pilot, the Red Baron, cut his teeth when accompanying his father in various hunting trips during his childhood

I cut my teeth on the leadership when I was elected as the president of the classes in middle school
by vanderpol August 3, 2010