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A big ol' bag to put all your junk in.
She pulled three chairs and a table lamp out of her catchall.
by bex October 12, 2003
1)Slipknot is a band that originated out of Iowa, and has 9 members. Despite what some people think, Slipknot is VERY far from Death metal, Black metal and is not metal, either. DEFINETLY NÜ-METAL!!! Still good though.
2)A type of knot used to either hang yourself, “strap” your arm while injecting a form of narcotic or to tie something
1) So and so listened to Slipknot last night, and heard the major KoRn influences in certain songs
2)She used a Slipknot
by bex December 3, 2003
Slipknot is a sort of teenie bopper heavy metal band. They are very good and have agressive and gr8 lyrics. They need a new guitarist tho :P But the drummer is very good. Since going mainstream alot of people do think they are for teenie boppers. I still think they are gr8 altho i do prefer some of the better heavy metal out there like opeth etc etc
Stapled shut - Inside an outside world and I'm
Sealed in tight – Bizarre but right at home
Claustrophobic - Closing in and I'm
Catastrophic - Not again
I’m smeared across the page - And doused in gasoline
I'm wear you like a stain - Yet I'm the one who's obscene
Catch me up on all your sordid little indiscretions
I've got no time to lose, I'm just caught up in all the cattle

Frey the strings…
Throw the shapes…
Hold your breath…

I am a world before I am a man
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!
by bex July 10, 2004
Another way for saying Bye Bye/ Buh Bye

First started out being said just to a guy, but now is used for both sexes
EX 1:

Sexybia1337:g2g mike, Buh boiz!
Fr0gThe2:Bye hun (btw this is actually his s/n and he did say hun to me!)

EX 2:
Buh boiz chicka, thanks for helping me put shit on mike's front door.
by bex December 30, 2005
someone who hasn't got on (french kissed) anyone yet.
leigha is stil a fridge would u beleive it.
by bex March 23, 2005
A huge dork who gets her bubble burst, fruitcake eaten, and cherry popped (Hey, you came up with that comeback, not me...). She spends too much time talking on the phone with the coolest person ever - Bex.
Lanting uses Bex's nickname for LizZ because she worships the ground Bex walks on. Mwhaha.
by bex December 15, 2003
Guy: "You alright there babes?"
Girl: "Ooh, yeah. Just havin a flick on me bean!"
by bex July 30, 2003