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The whole package. Girls hate her because they're jealous and guys hate on her because they can't have her. She's the most stunning and down to earth girl you will ever meet. Both sexy and cute, kind, generous, extremely intelligent, has an amazing sense of humour, and the fittest body.

You could get lost in her big blue eyes. It's her smile that hooks you though. She has the biggest heart. When she cries it rips you up inside. She always has a boyfriend and you're always just a friend. She has a flirty personality but is very loyal and faithful. The kind of girl you can take home to your mother but is a firecracker in the bedroom. The type of girl you'd give anything to have and kick yourself for losing.
Girl 1:Lock up your boyfriends, girls, the slut's here
Girl 2:I hate her, she always looks so perfect
Girl 3:She's actually a really nice person from what I hear
Girl 1: "sluuuuuuutttttttt"
Guy: "You ugly bitches are just jealous"
Bex: thank you for sticking up for me, you're such a good friend
Guy: *sigh*
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Short for Rebecca.
Rhymes With sex.
Box with an e.
Bex is the best person in the world.
RandomBellend;Bex Is cooool.
Bex; B
by LolNo. April 03, 2008
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Bex is a FAB person who tries 2 love everyone...she doesnt like arguements but can stick up 4herself!
Bex says: dont mess with me!
by barb April 23, 2004
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The best most gud lukin smartest funnyest girl u will ever meeet she has the best eyes face well her whole body really nd she the bestest person out there
see best sex everthis describes her
by james humes May 07, 2005
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The world's skankiest and nastiest hoe bag EVER. She's infested with AIDS and HIV. Loves to cyber and trade nudes.
Oh man did you just see what Lindsay Lohan did?

Yeah, she's such a Bex!
by Nonyadamnbusiness November 28, 2009
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bex is the most sexiest word i know, especially wen u look @ all becky platt, very nice.........
oh bex i know you want me, cum here mummy
by ermdontno February 04, 2004
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