Verb: In any type of gaming, when a powerful NPC, monster or a gamemaster destroys a player with a single attack, often without giving the player a chance to defend themself.
The Ancient Wyrm one-hit him with its flame breath before it was even on-screen.
by TaintedMustard September 25, 2004
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Ever notice how these one-hitters are so shielded these days?
by SomeGuyWhoThinksHeKnowsItAll November 14, 2018
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A synonym for a one shot, a one hit KO, or winning at something in one fell swoop.
If you ever face me it'll be a one-hit acquit!
by The Great Dark February 1, 2015
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When smoking and passing around marijuana in a circle, if one takes a hit and keeps the smoke inhaled until one receives the marijuana again, this act is known as a one hit Chicago. There is no significance with regard to referencing the city of Chicago. The actual term originates from Philadelphia, PA. There is also a closely related "smoking game" by the same name.
John likes to one hit Chicago at parties or when he has sour deez. His high record for one hitting Chicago is nine people in the group. He almost one hit Chicagoed with a group of eleven people, but someone made him laugh before the guy next to him could take a hit.
by Philly PA, son April 24, 2009
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A band or singer that everyone forgets about after their hit song runs its natural course into obscurity, because they can never get back onto the charts again. Most one-hit-wonders are that way because either they can't write their own songs, or their own songs are crap.

Crossover songs and artists are sometimes mistaken for One-Hit-Wonders, because listeners outside their genre don't know who they are. Anyone unfortunate enough to make this mistake is likely to be taken to task by numerous members of the artist's following, because it takes quite a good artist to pull off a crossover hit.
Your own songs just aren't going to cut it. Go find a hit song that no one else has covered in at least 20 years, so the teen audience will think it's new, and maybe you can be a One-hit-wonder.

Some One-Hit-Wonders:

Dean Friedman
Right Said Fred
Gary Numan
Soft Cell
Sammy Johns
The Reflections
The Electric Prunes
The Elegants
Bobby Dray
by Downstrike October 29, 2005
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Weed often found in legends and story books. No one knows if it really exists, or if it is just a myth. According to the stories, one hit is enough to get you high. Some people tell of crazy things happening when they smoke one hit shit, however it i never known whether these stories are true.
one hit shit is a stoners holy grail
by deee June 20, 2004
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The older member of Ye Ye Nation (aka IBP)
Mom: Who's your favorite member of IBP?
Kid: I'll have to go with One Hit Rick.
by jellyyt February 1, 2020
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