433 definition by ben

The best team in the East, one of, if not THE, best team in the NBA. D Wade, Shaq, Jones&Jones, even Wang Zhizhi... this team owns.
The Heat own. Enough said.
by Ben February 17, 2005

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A term used in Digital Paintball to say "Get the fuck out" Which is pointless because there is no way you can wipe a hit in a computer simulated paintball game.
1337#1: GTFO Newb!
Newb: There's no way you can wipe fucking dumbass.
by Ben September 18, 2004

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a kick ass movie starring ben stiller and meg ryan about some police guys who are trying to find this man who pissed in this like totally holy river.
awesome totally 5 stars.
we gotta get this motherfucker who pissed in the river of satchoowa
by ben January 18, 2005

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(nal.ga) 1.(n.) a slang term for an african american male
If you call a black man a nigger expect to get your ass kicked, if you call a black person a nalga expect death upon yourself and your family.
by Ben February 27, 2005

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A completely uneducated saying a toothless redneck would say even though Alabama has not been a national powerhouse in football since the Bear left.
Bama is number one. We will win a national championship. Bear Bryant is alive. Roll Tide!!
by Ben September 27, 2004

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A fuckhead who thankfully lost the election in November.
America is now safer since John Kerry lost the election.
by Ben February 16, 2005

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