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Was good in the days of the Masters (Black Sabbath) But then he got abit too high an became shit. There is also a crap show on MTV
The Osbournes is shit, why dont poeple see that? Its awful!

"O I say Jerry, He said fuck"
@HaHa! Oh how funny do the little children think this is"
by ben August 07, 2003
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Wearing or carrying a gun. Usually meant for a handgun, but is generally used for all firearms. Also known as packing heat, carrying, or just plain dangerous.

It should also be noted that you only ask someone if they are packing, but never, ever tell someone that you are "packing iron". Most people shouldn't answer 'yes' to the question, because that means you're either a gangster, gangsta, or wigger.
Italian Mafia 1: Hey, man... you packing iron?
Italian Mafia 2: Yeah, I'm packin'. We gotta hit Valencio tonight. But choo' just fogetta'boutit.

Police 1: Hey, you! Drop that weapon and put your hands in the air!
Police 2: NOW!

Mafia 1&2: Shit!
by ben June 18, 2006
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When you fuck a girl, you punch her kidneys, until she shoots blood out of her ass.
When I did her up the as, I attacked her shark style, and got a cherry lollipop. She screamed like a dying whale, dat waz da shit.
by ben December 14, 2003
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He's a Shintoist
My religion is shintoism
Most japanese people are with the shinton religion (for lack of a better phrase)
by ben December 13, 2003
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word meaning someone who is a bit sleazy. It can be changed to and adjective and it has many uses
'Mike is going for a sift'
'That Mike guy is quite sifty'
'Mike is all about the sift'
by ben October 11, 2004
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1. A yellow cat-like creature with black spots, known only to exist in Strongbadia.

2. One who is not dead.

3. One who looks like the Cheat.

4. One who you can't stay mad at.

The Cheat is not dead....no....the cheat is not dead.
by ben September 10, 2003
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