Very hard intercourse, ferociously banging a hot chick in the ass and cum is splashing everywhere and it sounds like you are swishing jello around, very hardly.
"I just fucked my girl so hard, I called it hard anal!"
by DickFuckHugeBang October 4, 2015
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A guy called Dan who rips open fresh catomite butt.
Dan comes across a catomite and then set loose on it until he has busted it, not nice and very messy.
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When one decides to have anal with a close friend named John, commonly used as being gay but with the phrase “no homo”it will not be gay.
Homie 1:I’ve been thinking about having some very hard anal with John

Homie 2:bro what the fuck
by MrTacoLad October 19, 2021
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