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Crap os that i have unfortunately got install on my pc. The ME part is an abbreviation of many errors
RRRRGH Windows ME crashed again i wish i had XP any donations send to.......(deleted)
by ben December 14, 2003
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In Shakespearean language, a slang term for the penis or libido.
'Zounds! His wit hath failed to arouse his mistress. Lo!
by ben November 21, 2004
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Anime series on Adult Swim

The only anime I actually like. Unlike most others, it has a respectable storyline and believable characters, even if the dialogue is a little awkward in places.
Were Jesus not dead, he's watch Wolf's Rain every day at 1 a.m.
by ben November 30, 2004
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Used when you see a girl who you'd like to hump
cor look at her she's worth a squirt
by ben September 23, 2003
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What The Jount Piece - Similar to WTF. An expression of surprise in response to anyone or anything. See jount.
You are at home and a pink half giraff half Tupac mutant falls through your roof.

You: WTJP!?
by ben October 24, 2004
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the teen way of saying whats up?? words like these explain why the american kids are so freaking stupid
sammie:ben can you not just say "whats up" for once in your freaking life!!
by ben January 30, 2005
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1. A slang nickname for the drug methamphetamine, aka crystal meth. The name is thought to originate in Thailand, where pills are sold containing caffeine and methamphetamine. 'Yaba' is Thai for "crazy medicine".
Quentin: I wouldn't touch yabba for a million quid. It's what all the mashheads do when everything else stops working.
by ben June 14, 2006
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