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-The best song ever. Off of one of Pink Floyd's many masterpieces, "Dark Side of the Moon."

-The song that plays during the tornado when "Dark Side of the Moon" is properly synchronized with "The Wizard of Oz"
Last night, I got blazed and put on DSOTM. When
by ben September 29, 2003
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the moon is conceptual music ... there is no useful definition to describe where it comes from.
check it out a new definition of musical performance and see the web album at www.greencheese.biz
there's a man in the moon ... he has something to say
by ben April 07, 2005
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home of phiwl hudson an genuine dirt hole so no wonder he turned out how he did
by ben December 06, 2004
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Sum1 who has a fadge-like face
1.My brother tom has a fadge face
2.look at my fadge face
by ben April 13, 2005
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Lee Harvey Oswald, the person who shot John F. Kennedy- or in the case of John Lennon, it was Mark David Chapman.
Who shot John?
It was Lee, Lee shot John.
by ben November 24, 2004
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awesome alternative country band from chicago. best cd musically is yankee hotel foxtrot, although many prefer being there and summerteeth. AM is generally avoided. one of the best bands in music today.
Wilco kicks ass. Have you ever heard "Poor Places?"
by ben January 18, 2004
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