The Thingy:

That thing you are thinking of that you just cant remember the word for at that time. When saying it, people often attempt to explain it with accompanying hand/arm/body movements.
Person 1: That...uh...thing! The thingy thing! You know the one i mean!
Person 2: Oh! That thing! Its over there!
by Psy Proxy September 3, 2015
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n. a non-specific term for anything
"I put the thingie in the thingie, and a thingie came out."
by Lunarose October 22, 2003
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This can replace that jira thingie.
by pc108 May 30, 2013
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Used to describe an object on the spur of the moment when you have a sudden brain fritz and forget exactly what you were gonna say was.
Uhh.....get the report!.....program..thingy.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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Guy #1: Insert the thingy into the slot.
Guy #2: ...Is that a... Technical term?
Guy #1: Why, yes. Yes it is.
by Nottel Inyu August 4, 2009
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A thing you don't know the exact word / description of.
"Something like that" - "A thingie"

"It's a computer thingie"
by Nanda January 14, 2004
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It can mean absolutely anything. Every time you can't find a word or something or forgot the word, you just use this.
Person 1: Whats that thingy?
by IshiftSandvich October 10, 2015
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