12 definitions by bee

a person who is really funny in a crazy way
by bee May 6, 2004
When ur tongue tied and try to say "company" and "immensely" together, this is the result :D
I enjoy your comply.
by bee April 22, 2005
someone who is a filthy minger. or someone who is nasty and vile or disgusting.
"That bloke just sneezed on his hand and licked it - what a fucking mingbag."
by bee December 8, 2004
To exact calculated revenge on co-workers or schoolmates, usually with a firearm, after being fired or expelled or just feeling extremely hard-done-by.

Software tester Michael McDermott shot and killed seven co-workers in 2000 after having his pay docked to cover back taxes.
A disgruntled former worker went postal today leaving seven dead, including two accountants he had accused of being 'Nazis' the day before.
by bee March 22, 2005
that guy just walked into the flag pole, he is such a botart.
by bee February 26, 2004
a term from Space Moose

Someone would just say "Bee."
by bee February 4, 2003
retarded cousin, pretty, hot and sexy. ;
wollyhoa is gay, she's hot and sexy the, rawr-- love the cousin Bee :D
by bee October 1, 2004