hey michael, if you’re reading this then i love you so much. sorry you had to miss fort games today. it was fun as hell! well not all of it but it was really neat. i hope you remember what april 22 is. anyways even if you don’t remember and even though we’re not officially together ( ig ) i’m celebrating it. i wanna give you my insta account password so email me, if you’re reading this and it’s a weekend or it’s still spring break. you’re kind and sweet and i don’t want the school year to end so i can be with you everyday. if we’re not in the same classes next year i want you to know i’ll still remember you! there are so many reasons to love you and i just want you to know that. even if i seem distant or upset i still care a lot for you that won’t go away. -you know who
you: *sits down in a chair*
me: omg i love you so much, Michael mcdermott you make my day and brighten up my mood! uwuwuwuwuwuwuwwu
by sumimasenNAN.theFUK April 18, 2019