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Drummer, famous for looking like an angry, evil face making midget, who kicks great amounts of arse.
yo im hittin this metallica show tonight fo sho, just to have a glance at one of them evil-assed grins of my man Lars, bitch
by baos December 27, 2003
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the best game ever, runs on DOS
i 0wn3d my friend at liero the other day at school
by baos May 05, 2004
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a person who fucks eggs
"Hey you got yolk dripping from your crotch region!! your'e an eggfucker!!"
by baos December 28, 2003
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when you intend to type a questionmark but you hit the / key before you hit shift.
...asdfghjkl/? .
by baos May 05, 2004
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short for "Windows Media Player", a retarded media player made by microsoft wich is needed to view the even so retarded WMV, and rebuffers all data when you hit pause.
yo nigga i wus tryin' to view some of them ill-ass fittycent videos, but my windows media player wus fucking that shit up again. Ima be lookin for some phat .MOV files now, bitchv
by baos December 12, 2003
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