An expression used when you are so excited you can't even find the words to describe your feelings.
-"Hey are you excited about the concert?"
by Fangirl66 February 21, 2012
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for use when a person can not process their feelings
Person: Josh Hutcherson is coming to your town and he wants to marry you.
You: asdfghjkl
by BD2013 September 26, 2012
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the middle row of a keyboard. also used for extreme emotion... or cleaning a keyboard
Jason: I GOT THE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ophelia: Hey Watcha Doin'?
May: cleaning my keyboard
May: qwertyuiop
Ophelia: ???
May: asdfghjkl
by Zystem March 31, 2022
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1) An expression of frustration for IM; Used in desperation when no other words will do.

2) A conversation filler, also in IMing, when no one has said anything in a while.

*with any of these there can be added letters as well as semi colons. It is usually a personal preference.
1) Person 1: asdfghjkl
Person 2: whats wrong?
Person 1: i have so much homework and my mom is bugging me about my grades.

2) *After 10 minutes*
Person 1: asdfghjkl
Person 1: so whats up?
Person 2: nm u?
by Neil C. February 7, 2007
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A word used to express an extreme amount of any types of emotion
"OMG I can't believe that happened to you Dominique that's crazy asdfghjkl
by Domdoms December 21, 2012
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The biggest compliment you can give to someone on Tumblr.
"You are so asdfghjkl" -Anonymous asker.
"Aw! :) Thank you! :3" -Tumblr user,
by areyouladiesman217 July 24, 2012
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The random letters you type when you have either 1.) A spazz attack or 2.) Don't know what to say or how to express what you're thinking. (Can also be used in all caps.)
asdfghjkl!!! = happiness :D
by Sebs8 October 18, 2008
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