16 definitions by balec

a balec is a balec that has to balec
i saw that sexy balec the other day and he made me hard
by balec November 11, 2021
add bourneo 417 to have a great time losing your rank and getting bumped every 3 seconds
i played smocket league with bourneo. he sucks
by balec November 25, 2021
the big thingy that forces u to spend money on things that u shouldn’t
i should probably be putting my savings into my business about condoms yet i found myself buying the fucking rocket pass
by balec December 22, 2021
super normal since your extra ordinary like wtf you’re not different. just go back to ben shaw life and be a legendary prospect that just ate to many cakes at hooters
wow bourneo missed an open net. what an extra ordinary play. he should honestly just kill himself. this is smocket league
by balec December 24, 2021
when u are attracted to the karen at the dinner table because of the laugh. sounds like a fucking ben shaw whiffing his ass off
*insert dolphin laugh* ong so ducking sexy. wow i’m starting to become laughphasexual

she’s so fucking hot bro no way
by balec December 24, 2021
the fancy country club ur grandparents belong to and they always just ask u to talk to them but u just want to watch porn so u can’t :(
grandma: welcome to standrews grandson

me: shut up i’m watching lana rhoades
by balec December 23, 2021
the QB on the 49ers that throws the ball but it lags in the air so he throws a pick
i saw jimmy garropolo in the bedroom with ben shaw and he threw his balls into his anus but it lagged so he missed

jimmy g be throwing more picks than a tiki mask bruh

garropolo is like if a wanker had a seizure while fucking himself
by balec December 24, 2021