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This is the painful yet entertaining act of letting out a monstrous shit that floats in the water for a few minutes before flushing. Upon flushing, the turd hangs on for dear life and eventually parts through the middle, breaking, and finally sinking. The turd resembles the titanic.
I had to take such a big shit that it hurt. But after i was done i had a good laugh watching that monster fight from being flushed. It was definitely a titanic turd.
by bLiTcH January 21, 2008
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A girl who has macaroni and cheese nipples has abnormally long nipples and is lactating. The milk excreted from the nip dries around the end and oozes out uncontrollably, thus looking like day old macaroni and cheese.
Dan: "Dude does courtney have macaroni stuck on her chest?"

Gil:"No dude i think shes lactating. She has an extreme case of macaroni and cheese nipples."
by bLiTcH December 18, 2007
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Nigga talk is another term for rap music or the general way that black people speak.
Nigga: "what it do homie we finna get krunk todeezy?"

respectable white man: "Shut up with that nigga talk, speak english."
by bLiTcH December 18, 2007
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"My name is Mr. Akai" is a code used by KKK klansmen tell other klansmen that they are also part of the KKK. It is an acronym for A klansman am I. It is used in response to the statement, "I am looking for Mr. Ayak."
A klansman walks into a bar and yells out "I am looking for a Mr. Ayak."

A fellow klansman responds, "My name is Mr. Akai."

Since their "secret code" is now on urbandictionary, a group of negroes hears them say this and they continue to beat the shit out of and/or rape the couple.
by bLiTcH December 25, 2007
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"I am looking for a Mr. Ayak" is a code used by KKK klansmen to find other clansmen. It is an acronym for Are you a klansmen? The response to this question, if one is a klansmen, is "My name is Mr. Akai.
A crazy klansman is about to get whooped by a group of afro negroes so he yells out "I need Mr. Ayak."

Nobody responds and the spooks continue to rape him.
by bLiTcH December 25, 2007
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A roman column crap is the type of crap that fights u before going into the toilet but upon landing in the bowl, it crumbles into little turdlets like an ancient roman column from the colosseum.
I took the toughest shit of my life and after i finally gave birth to a roman column crap, it crumbled into little rabbit turds. Why couldnt it do that while in my ass?
by bLiTcH February 29, 2008
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When a person takes a shit, usually creamy, and it leaves a paint like residue on the toilet bowl upon flushing. Different techniques and types of poo yield different results or masterpieces.
After a 12 minute battle with the toilet, Mike enjoyed flushing so he could see his Picasso poo at work.
by bLiTcH January 21, 2008
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