when you want to break up with your boyfriend, but dont know how, give him a hand job. and when he jizzes, slap it on his face and tell him you're done.
i performed "the break up" with my ex boyfriend because i didnt know how else to do it
by schroeder6 July 8, 2009
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The most probable outcome after your girlfriend finds you playing hide the sausage with her sister.
by Swampy August 22, 2003
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The worst frigging thing in the world. When a couple breaks up. When your bf/gf becomes an ass and you stop talking to them.
God breaking up sucks!

We're breaking up.

by Nora Moore January 24, 2009
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When two people have to let each other go. Dispite the fact that one of them loves the other one truly. The girl or the guy in your case, decides that the two of you are not compatible for each other. Hopefully the two of the people can remain friends, though that is hard for guys to do, because we hold on. But always remember, there are more than 6 billion people on this planet. So though you may not want to hear it, the chances of this person being the one, are less than winning the lottery. I know it's tough but you have to move on after a break up.
So and So and I, had to break up today.
by Lee Dunnam October 11, 2005
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the time when the person who you love the most kicks you hard on your ass and says you to fuck off.
johny was so depressed with his break up that he even tried to commit sucide.
by babanash July 21, 2006
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1. to no longer be in an involved relationship
i.e. Jenny needs to break up with Rick

2. to have a bad connection between two cellular phone users
i.e. "Jenny, you're breaking up," said Rick.
by The Professor August 22, 2003
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They suck. Especially when you both still like eachother.
She ended it but I still like her and i think she still liks me. We had a Break ups.
by lilmlowell7223 February 18, 2009
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