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Nigga talk is another term for rap music or the general way that black people speak.
Nigga: "what it do homie we finna get krunk todeezy?"

respectable white man: "Shut up with that nigga talk, speak english."
by bLiTcH December 18, 2007
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When a person, usually but not limited to a child, swallows money, usually pennies, and shits them out. When they pinch off the turd that contains pennies, they are penny pinching.
Wow Gil just swallowed a roll of pennies. Tomorrow he's gonna be some penny pincher
by bLiTcH December 26, 2007
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This is the act of consuming pennies and later shitting them out. One who performs this act is a penny pincher.
As I swallowed the handful of pennies, all I could think of is how badly I'd be penny pinching the next day.
by bLiTcH December 26, 2007
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This is sex when the female partner is on her period. Having periodic sex is not recommended and can get quite messy.
Jordan was so horny from not seeing stacie for months that they decided to have periodic sex. Her bed never smelled the same.
by bLiTcH January 28, 2008
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When a person takes a shit, usually creamy, and it leaves a paint like residue on the toilet bowl upon flushing. Different techniques and types of poo yield different results or masterpieces.
After a 12 minute battle with the toilet, Mike enjoyed flushing so he could see his Picasso poo at work.
by bLiTcH January 21, 2008
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This is the combination of Hilary and Bill Clinton. Hilary wearing the political pants in the relationship.

man 1: Who are you voting for this year?

man 2: I don't know who im voting for but it sure wont be hilbilly.
by bLiTcH February 26, 2008
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A driver who moves up as close to the line and or car in front of him as if it will make him or her get anywhere any faster
Driver: This guy keeps riding my ass, as if i can go anywhere in this red light.

Passenger: Yeah hes a worthless inch pincher.
by bLiTcH August 4, 2008
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