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What appears in the search bar on urban dictionary until you type something.
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by awmm February 22, 2015

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When Democrats blame Republicans for something they've also done.
The D with a circle around it is a reference to the Democrat Party's logo.
Amy Coney Barrett was criticized for her use of the phrase "sexual preference".
It turns out Joe Biden and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have said it too, but that was Ⓓifferent.

The two most recent Democratic presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, claim that Republicans want to outlaw same sex marriage, despite the lack of any serious movement to do so in the years since Obergefell v. Hodges. Both of them, as well as countless other Democratic politicians, opposed same sex marriage for years until it became popular to support it, but that was Ⓓifferent.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both responsible for the incarceration of thousands of black and Hispanic people, but that was Ⓓifferent.
by awmm October 17, 2020

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An extreme leftist website that posts memes for people who are too stupid and lazy to read a newspaper. A lot of their statements are either misleading, highly exaggerated, or just plain false. They mostly attack the opposite side, and refuse to admit any faults in their own party or call out other democrats while at the same time never pointing out anything good done by the republicans.
It caters to the lowest denominator of democrats, just like Breitbart caters to the worst republicans.
They represent everything wrong with the democratic party. If you want to know why Trump won, look no further.
I'm liberal and I think Occupy Democrats is a joke.
I'm a real democrat, not one of these obnoxious Occupy Democrats idiots.
by awmm March 16, 2017

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The zip code for Melber, Kentucky.
If you live in Melber Kentucky, your zip code is 42069.
by awmm May 03, 2020

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An abbreviation of cuteness
Hannah: Check out this video of sneezing puppies.
Lauren: QTNS
via giphy
by awmm November 10, 2017

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The system in which everything in the world is designed for right handed people to use, while being difficult for the rest of us.
All these scissors are meant for right handed people. And I can't find a desk to write on in my classroom. This is right privilege.
by awmm July 05, 2017

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The logical thing to call the Czech Republic if you don't call Slovakia the Slovak Republic.
I am going to Czechia this summer.
by awmm July 18, 2016

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