The girl in my english class wants The D.
Tonight im going to put The D in my girls vagina.
by light123 September 27, 2011
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Slang for dick. Used by R. Kelly in the song So Sexy on Twista's Kamikaze album of 2004.
This is for them girls that be wantin The D
This is for them girls that be lovin The D
This is for them girls that be ridin The D
The ones that like to keep The D up inside em

by bigjimdx October 14, 2005
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The D refers to the male extremities that hang from their groin area. The D is an object used for many things including: sex, fucking apple pies, fucking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, blowjobs, and sometimes anal itching.
I put the D into Lindsay Lohan's pussy and then she went running around naked in Italy.
OH YEA... This apple pie feels good on my D.
Do you like it when I itch your anus with my D?
OW! You just bit my D! That fucking hurts!!!
Give her the D!
by IlluminatiIncestIncorporated January 12, 2016
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A place that is very cold. Also very hard to keep peace in.
It's so cold in the D...
How da fuck do we posta keep peace?
by Colin_Brooklyn March 20, 2012
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Reference to "Tenacious D"
The band formed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass
You hear about The D's new movie,
It's in production now!
by Badwick Tsuraide May 9, 2006
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