A verb to describe the action of providing an answer that is completely irrelevant to the question being asked, similar to how Amy Coney Barrett didn’t answer any of the questions asked of her during her Supreme Court hearing (can be abbreviated to ACB).
“Shit, he asked me about the weather and all I did was tell him about my sister’s quinceñera

“Aw dude, you totally Amy Coney Barrett (ed) that”
by Sharkeysharkshark October 26, 2020
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when you haven't read any studies, articles, books, law review articles, or commentary you have read regarding racial disparities present in our criminal justice system.
dude why are amy coney barrett? go learn something about the world!!
by leeploop October 17, 2020
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She's the coolest person you’ll ever meet. She has seven children two of whom are adopted from Haiti, she’s also an excellent judge and overall a wonderful woman to be around. If you have a woman like this who is your girlfriend your life is set.
Dude my gf is totally like Amy Coney Barrett.
by Leafthief4649 February 9, 2022
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