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Acronym, generally used by geeks and techies

Plain Old Telephone System
>>Via the POTS...

>>HaHa I bet he uses depends on POTS for his data transmission.
by annonymous December 28, 2003
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1. when two bonobo apes frot
2. when two flatworms mate, each one trying to thrust its penis into the other one in order to impregnate it
penis fencing, it fencing with penises
by annonymous July 10, 2004
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the biggest lushes at Univ. of California, Riverside and the hardest partiers. They also have the most pride in their fraternity, strongest brotherhood, and are apt to do the craziest things.
Damn those Phi Kaps are hardcore.
by annonymous June 02, 2004
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One who dreams of being at the Paradise Hotel, overlooking the ocean, while watching buff bodied men.
I don't know about you, but I'm a PHWANNABE, for sure...
by annonymous February 08, 2004
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adj-A slang word, esp. used by gurlz, referring to a hot sexy filipino.

n.-One fine filipino.
Gurl A: "Who's he?! Dang he's one fine pinoy"
Gurl B: "Gurl move over, that pinoy is about to be mine."
by annonymous December 02, 2003
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