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The sexiest, smartest, kindest, sweetest, coolest and most BEAUTIFUL girl you have ever met. Shes easy to get along with, and shes cool as hell. Shes got tits and ass for days! If you know her, cherish her because she's one in a million.
The day I met Sadies, was the day my life began.

Guy #1: DAMN! Did you see that girl!
Guy #2: Yea, thats Sadies... she's cool as hell!
Guy #1: Yea, and look at that ass!
Guy #2: I'd hit that for SURE!
by annonymous February 25, 2005
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the coolest person in all the land, prent is as cool as a polarbears toenails
woah.....shes a bit of a prent
by annonymous April 22, 2005
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Remixer and Judge from Overclocked Remix. Has serious homophobic problems. Is very angry.
<Protricity> how about you go lick mustin's toes you faggot fucking shit selling project majestic fag ruby saphire edition of fag
by annonymous August 17, 2004
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1) Washing machine on wheels

2) Crappy little Polish car from the 80's, manufactured by FSO in part by FIAT
Dude, you drive a polonez?!??, yeah I just replaced the hood with scrap and the belts with rubber bands
by annonymous April 13, 2005
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A person who is a prodigy several times over.
The boy was perfect in everything he did. He was polyprodigious!
by annonymous March 28, 2003
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