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A woman with a penis.
When I pulled off her panties, I quickly realized she was a shemale.
by annonymous March 28, 2003
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This wis when someone is uber sexy and really attractive.
by annonymous March 10, 2005
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particularly egregious fabricated BS offered under the guise of fact, and then disclaimed as being 'opinion' when challenged and successfully refuted.

Tossing down the "openion" term indicates that you think something is not just 'opinion,' but has been represented as verifiable fact when it is the opposite.
by annonymous August 06, 2004
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when you get sexual excitement!!

(its kind of like cum, only in a girl)
she got an orgasim when her boyfriend fingered her.
by annonymous November 01, 2002
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The leaving of fecal matter in a bag or a box, secretly hidden in a small room (especially dorm rooms) as a prank or revenge.
Hey, we shit-boxed Scott. He should smell that in a week or two!
by annonymous April 11, 2005
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a middle school in irvine, california in south orange county. full of emos who bitch, really good instrumental musicians (we have themost in honors. i doint like it tho) and the number one thing is

I go to sierra vista, the middle school that needs to be shit on from hell.
by annonymous February 20, 2005
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