101 definitions by annonymous

When people in the same family fuck or have some kind of sexual contact...

((sex-head-eatin out-fingered-kissing-beatin meat))
by annonymous February 21, 2005
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A video game legend. The greatest gamer ever to live.
Did you guys see Jammno win the world cyber games?
by annonymous December 24, 2003
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a very attractive young girl who is anxiously awaiting to try smoking the reefer and will have the time of her life while doing it...did i mention she was really pretty
i love jaymie dearly
by annonymous January 08, 2005
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frot, tribadism, dry humping, or any other no-penetration body grinding done with or without clothes in public or in private
Oh the delicious frottage! I'm still tender all over.
by annonymous July 10, 2004
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An overly blue eyed girl with brown nappy hair.
"Did you see that girl? She's such a krac."
by annonymous December 16, 2004
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Very friendly and goodlooking male
who has an uncanny resemblence to Tom Cruise.

Famous Canadian tourguide.
Lives near the water.
Is that Ronchi, or Tom Cruise's brother?
by annonymous February 09, 2004
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