to get fucked up by someone else. 2) to have the shit kicked out of one. 3) to have sex in a place where getting caught is a possibility
Damn dog, Jefferey got tossed up the other day for talking shit! 2) Ey dude, Edwin tossed up Brenda in the bathroom yesterday...
by El Fuser March 23, 2006
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to smoke lots of weed and get tossed up , high
hey dude yesterday i got sooo tossed up from that weed it was ridiculous!
by shant telimi November 18, 2007
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the act of being banged by at least 12 men of the african decent. usually related with the words g-ed up and gang banged. Usually associated with whores and skanks.
negro#1-"yo. we fucking tossed up that whore last night."

negro#2-"fuck yeah."

nasty skank girl who got tossed up-"no way. it was because i was drunk. my vagina hurts today."
by MCHyesduhh July 03, 2006
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a female who trades sex for drugs
She gave me head}, I gave her a 1/4 gram of crystal.
by 1969 GTO December 10, 2004
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a girl who trades sexual favors for drugs
"she's so desperate for yay- she's just a toss up"
by lauren August 30, 2003
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short for 'toss up a coin'
is it wrong that I have a date tonight but I wanna play tekken instead?

no, no its not wrong
two things men want to do in life is be strong and have sex
when the two conflict, its a toss up
by WoolongMagal March 25, 2013
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A woman or girl that will have sex, or perform sex acts for drugs.
Toss-ups hang around drug deals hoping for drug in exchange for sex.
by et cetera August 19, 2006
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