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replaces any word that you're too lazy to think of
Can you go get me the poop?
by Annie December 30, 2003

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The kind of orgasm a guy has when his hands are tied out of the way and his penis is stimulated just until he can't stop anymore, and then let go. Neat to watch because of the way it bounces with each spurt. Embarrassing for the guy, especially if several girls are watching, and not real satisfying.
We held him down and made him have a ruined orgasm.
by Annie October 05, 2004

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The mountains are purple, the bud is bright green.

What else is there?
Let's go to Red Rocks and smoke some doob.
by Annie April 01, 2004

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UrbanDictionary is a site where you can look up slang words. The site itself is a good idea, too bad that half of the definitions were added by stupid and hateful people, and it can be quite depressing 'cuz if you want to remove something, you have to fill a whole damn questionnary and it takes more time than posting comments.
no example
by Annie June 20, 2004

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similar to "tall, dark, and handsome", if you are a tall glass of water, you are a tall guy who is a good catch, i.e. a goodlooking bachelor
Girl: Wow, would ya check him out? His deep voice is so sexxxyyyyy, and he plays tennis, AND he loves kids! Now that's a tall glass of water if I ever saw one!
by Annie September 13, 2006

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Ultimate ice-breaker or pickup line.
"Aren't we friends on Myspace?"
"Haven't I seen you around Myspace before?"
"Your Myspace pictures look HOT...lets fuck"
by Annie February 24, 2005

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To commit a group masturbatory assault upon a boy or man, by holding him down and stimulating his penis until he ejaculates on his shirt.
Those are three of the girls who splashed Jim.
by Annie January 21, 2004

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