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Jamie's World History teacher, Whom she wants to fuck like an animal.
Ugnh! Ungh! Ugnh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!
by annie October 1, 2004
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its a whole saying it says "excuses are like asses everyone has one" it basically says everyone has an ass and everyone has an excuse.
"That girl Kathy she never does anything and always has a some lame reason to back it up"
"Ya but excuses are like asses everyone has one"
by annie May 22, 2004
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I can't go for a swim! I don't have my togs
by annie February 6, 2003
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To masturbate while wallowing in self-pity.
To masturbate while crying.
Can't get ahold of Mike? His girlfriend just dumped him, I'll bet he's home sobsterbating.
by annie June 22, 2005
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To commit a group masturbatory assault upon a boy or man, by holding him down and stimulating his penis until he ejaculates on his shirt.
Those are three of the girls who splashed Jim.
by annie January 21, 2004
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The wet spot left on a guy's clothing after some girls splash him.
When Bradley went down to the creek to smoke some weed, Cindy and her friends followed him. He came back all shaky with a big splash spot on his shirt, so I pointed at it and said, "Ooh, Bradley got splashed!" He turned bright red and we girls all had a good laugh. Poor boy! He was so embarrassed! It must have been quite a thrill, though.
by annie April 5, 2009
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