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My 11 year old cousin thinks '2020' should be a swear word

It can be used in almost any and every sad/annoying situation
'Man, uni is so fkin 2020'
'I feel super 2020 on the inside today'
by anna d. August 28, 2020
A phrase you say when something either goes terrible wrong or right.
1. Ay yo son did you just see that! That boy just took that guys rims! Aw Snap!
2. Man I just got an 1600 on the SAT's! Aw snap!
by anna d. June 19, 2003
V.J.'s are the most incredible guys in the universe, end of story. They are smart, funny, and truly amazing. A V.J. isn't concerned with himself at all, but instead he’s concerned with other people. They have a tendency to have a loving and beautiful heart and spend more time thinking of what to do for someone else than themselves. V.J.'s have a gift of always knowing the perfect thing to say and the right time to say it. He takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. V.J's use this special technique that has a way of making your honey melt like no one else ever will .V.J's have the most gorgeous smile out there, and the most sexiest and seductive voice. V.J.'s love adventure, fast motorcycles and women built for speed not comfort, something to get their blood rushing and heart pounding. A typical V.J. will have the finest ass coupled with amazing thumbs. V.J's understand and are very patient with Annabelle's stubborn and unpredictable temperament. They're someone Annabelle's wouldn't mind spending the rest of her entire life with but Annabelle's are just too blind and dense to realize it.
You are one damn lucky women to find yourself a V.J., where can I get one?
by anna d. February 16, 2015
Lil Fizz- "Baby got Dunka"
by anna d. December 23, 2003
A number you can call where all your fantisies will be fufilled by women or men. (a.k.a 900 number)
I tried calling David around 10 last night, but couldn't get through. Maybe he was on that "loveline" again
by anna d. June 24, 2003
A women who poses to be high mantinence. She buys fake clothing and other items and tells others they are real.
Lisa,that dondada right there, she bought a fake Gucci purse from the Beauty Supply and told her own Mama it was real.
by anna d. June 13, 2003
1) A women in a video who is wearing the most revealing clothes always trying to be near the rapper or singer in a video trying to get the most camera shots. 2)A women who wears revealing clothes.
1) Latrice is going down to Nelly's new video shoot. She ain't nothing but a Video ho anyway, always trying to be in the camera and stuff.

by anna d. June 13, 2003