A girl who has a tight smokin body who you wanna ride.
She's totally built for speed. Just take a look at that ass.
by Crazy Pedro July 30, 2005
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a. noun
A remarkabley fast GMC station wagon. Fully Equiped with plenty of cargo space for grocieries, fences, etc. Driven by over-protected mothers more than anyother/or occasionaly driven by the son of the house after being in an auto-accident with his real car.
Erazmo: His name is Michael, he drives his mom's Built for Speed around Food lion parking lot e'ry which'away.

Erazmo: Yea and he also wants to race my RX-7.

Robin Stanaway: Yea, see that car over across the way? That's the Built for Speed, and it just wooped my police cruiser's ass!

Nancy: I driveeeee one too.
by Kevin Baines March 6, 2006
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